The Best Network Cabling in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens & Northern Palm Beach County Area

We live in a wireless world, but hard wired networks offer higher speeds and a more reliable connection.  Not too long ago, computers and servers were the only devices that used our precious bandwidth.

Today, we have so many more devices on our networks.  TVs, video media players, camera systems, automation & alarm systems, Voice Over IP Phones, to name just a few.  These devices use a lot of bandwidth, more bandwidth than wireless networks and older CAT5 cabling can handle.  Upgrading to new CAT5e or CAT6 cabling can make a big difference in your network performance.

Not only will the wiring installation be clean and neat, but our trained technicians will also ensure that the cabling is installed correctly so that your network is running at the fastest possible speed.

Wireless routers are very common in homes.  Depending on the size or construction of your home, you may not have wireless coverage throughout your entire house.  You can buy wireless repeaters, but they don’t always work and even if they do they can cause your network to slow down.  By adding hard wired CAT5e locations you can expand your wireless network with additional access points to ensure you have coverage throughout your entire home.

We can install CAT5e and CAT6 cabling in your office or home in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach, and northern Palm Beach County area.